Hello there! I’m Mate Magyar ‘Mronk’, a video creator and indie app developer from Hungary. I like square things, board games and apples. .


I love editing videos to create some surprising content.
My videos: YoutubeTiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter


I try to make apps which has high replay factor and forces the players to make creative solutions. 


Knife To Meet You (2021-…)

Knife throwing with real physics! Slice up everything, including your assistant! One simple move to define direction, power and spinning. 50 weapons and many features.
Available on: Steam, Android, iOS
Gamedev news: Twitter
Website: knifeto.com
All features: video


WordDetective.app (2023-…)

For the hardest brains! An online asynchronous multiplayer word game where word associations are manifested as killer characters. Available at: WordDetective.app, Android


MAD or MED (2019)

Secret role game with words! Live boardgame which combines Werewolf and word association games. You just need a phone to play with your friends! Info: English Hungarian
Available on: Android
Blog: worddetective.app/blog


KalóriaBázis (2012-…)

The most popular calorie counting app in Hungary with 900.000 registered users. Focusing on the fastest usage: minimalizing clicks, maximalizing data visibility.
Available on: Android, KaloriaBazis.hu